Paul Glader

Paul Glader

Visiting Professor
United States
Class 12

With more than 10 years of experience as a professional journalist, Paul founded Wired Academic LLC to continue his passion of researching how money and technology are changing education and informing readers about the good, bad and ugly of the emerging digital learning industry. His website shares valuable information and commentary about education innovation and aggregates news articles from around the world on the latest trends and breakthroughs in this growing $50 billion corner of the $1 trillion education industry. In addition to managing the site, Paul writes for several publications and is a Fellow at Freie Universität Berlin as he works on a long-term journalism project related to WiredAcademic.

Paul joined The Wall Street Journal out of college and spent nearly a decade there as a staff writer covering large industrial companies, working in several cities and writing thousands of stories for all sections of the paper on a variety of topics. He's also worked for and written for other publications ranging from The Washington Post, USA Today, The Indianapolis Star, The Christian Science Monitor, Spiegel Online, The Prague Tribune and He received an Overseas Press Club award for best business stories in 2011 with WSJ colleagues for reporting on China. In 2011, he was chosen for the Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship, which brought him to Germany to learn about European politics and work in international media. He received his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science at the University of South Dakota and his Masters in Journalism and certificate in business and economics as a Knight Bagehot Fellow at Columbia University in New York City.

Having written about business for years, Paul decided to come to the Berlin School of Creative Leadership to expand his own entrepreneurial skills as he continues to grow and expand his education information platform. "Our group blog took off more than we expected so now we are figuring how to add products, sustain it and monetize it,” Paul said. "I hope the Berlin School is a stimulating environment to help me come up with the right ideas and methods to do so."

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