Developing Leaders Since 2006

Turning Creative Minds into Great Creative Leaders

The Berlin School was founded in 2006 with the launch of the first Executive MBA program tailor-made for the creative industries. The school was formed by a group of executives from the creative industries who believed that creativity and leadership are key for any business to succeed and innovate. Today, as we witness global shifts in the way we do business, use technology, and communicate, this belief remains a core part of our school’s philosophy.

Built from Creative DNA

In evolving work environments, those who lead must bring not only imagination to challenges, but also the skillset to capitalize on opportunities. Creative business leaders have the ability to do both. As part of our school’s DNA, we harbour a deep understanding of business complexity and creative environments, and we apply this through our curriculum, taught by leading academic and industry experts. We enable professionals to adopt a full leadership skillset that allows them to lead on multiple levels at once, with the agility to respond to often conflicting contexts and challenges.

Our philosophy recognises six interrelated areas that are vital to developing authentic and impactful creative leadership, from leading self, business partners, people, enterprises, and products, right up to igniting change in markets and society. This thinking is applied through the Berlin School’s learning approach, The Creative Business Leadership Model©, which integrates a range of human and organizational learning skills needed to shape and drive successful creative business.