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Michal Ben-David

Michal Ben-David

Visiting Lecturer
Regents University London
United Kingdom
Class 07

Michal Ben David currently is a Visiting Lecturer at the Regents University London. She also was the CEO and Owner of Creative Lab ltd., an agency that developed TV formats.


Michal Ben-David is a television producer, a lecture and a PhD researcher. Michal’s career in the TV industry began more than twenty six years ago. Since then she has created and produced some of Israel’s top television programs. From 2004-2011, Michal co-owned Reality Media, a production company that specialized in development and production of prime time entertainment TV. Michal holds an MBA degree from Berlin School of Creative Leadership. She is currently a PhD researcher at King’s College London, Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries and a Visiting Lecturer at Regents University London, Faculty of Business and Management. Michal’s research interests are especially focused on the inherent tension between creativity and business. She specializes in executive education and explores new models of creativity management for the future creative industries.