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Lorna Hawtin

Lorna Hawtin

United Kingdom
Class 09

Lorna is Disruption Director at TBWA/Manchester.


As well as her work providing strategic excellence across a broad spectrum of both national and international clients over the past 10 years as Disruption Director at TBWA/Manchester, Lorna Hawtin has authored a number of winning IPA Effectiveness papers. She is a member of the IPA's Value of Advertising Group, whose aim is the development of effectiveness culture amongst the UK agency and client community. She was particularly instrumental in the development of the IPA's Eff Test, the first national qualification in effectiveness evaluation techniques designed to elevate the skills of young planners across the industry, and has been invited to become Deputy Convenor of Judges for the IPA Effectiveness Awards 2011 and Convenor in 2013. She is the 2011 recipient of the Sir John Hegarty Berlin School Scholarship.