Ida Kymmer

Ida Kymmer

Creative Director
Class 15

In 2013, after collecting impressions and experiences from working in a creative scene, Ida decided to start her own agency, based in Seoul. The idea behind Evonas was to improve the collaboration between creative and business, between cultures and disciplines, in order to create better concepts and content for public spaces.

“No image, no sound and no word is without an impact. The contents that we put in our public spaces, no matter if they are made to represent a company, brand or a public institution, all affect people’s perception of each other and ultimately the world. Therefore, I believe that we should be fully aware of the responsibility we have when we create even the simplest ad. Done without understanding we actually feed the tensions in the world, but with understanding, we can help to advance our societies.”

Originally from Sweden, Ida obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the University of Malmö with a major in Peace and Conflict Studies. After completing her education, she moved to South Korea as a writer and copy editor for Joong Ang Daily, and a researcher for the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea. She spent the next few years working as an in-house composer at the multidisciplinary theatre Foyer, as well as a performer, writing editor for Eloquence magazine and freelancing in stage and visual design, journalism and TV.

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