Daniel Prianti

Daniel Prianti

Executive Partner BPool & Partner Synthase Ventures
Class 08

Daniel Prianti has spent years of his career immersed in the VC universe, co-building ventures and acting as seed investor and mentor for different startups in ad-tech and fintech. In 2006, he co-founded Router, a digital, tech and live marketing agency that was later acquired by Iris Worldwide, becoming Iris-Router. After the acquisition, he acted as Founding and Managing Partner for over ten years. 

He has been responsible for planning campaigns for major clients such as Bacardi, Sony, Kimberly Clark and Kirin. After reflecting on the communications industry’s key challenges, he founded BPool, a tech platform that connects large clients to small and mid-sized agencies in order to optimize client/agency relationships, budgets and processes, while encouraging entrepreneurship.

Daniel also acts as a mentor at Accelerators Artemisia, ESPM, Sebrae’s Entrepreneurship Program in Brazil and recently founded Synthase Ventures, an impact investment group focused on health and education startups.

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