Daniel B. Monroy

Daniel B. Monroy

Creative Director
McCann Wordlgroup
Class 15

For more than 20 years, Daniel´s experience as a creative has combined handling national, regional and global accounts developing original creative work including TV, print and web as well as adapting international materials for local markets and working on co-coordinated accounts for Latin America, and Europe.

I am a true believer that the more you know the more you are and the more you are the more you can explore new ways of communication. A great Creative Director is not the one who has the most followers, but the one that creates the most leaders.

Currently innovation in our industry comes in 2 shapes: Story Telling (broadcasting content to customers to generate engagement) and Story Enabling (connecting customers to each other, subsequently linking those customers’ actions to increase profitability).These types of innovation are based on the fact that unremittingly the game keeps changing, reacting to a business environment shaped by forces beyond our control. To truly reshape a company, we need to think on how to reshape the industry first.

Daniel was born in Mexico where he studied Graphic Design at the Universidad Iberoamericana. He has been a member of McCann since 1993. He then joined other agencies such as DDB and Grey and worked as a freelancer before returning to McCann in 2006 where he is currently the Group Creative Director / Head of Art at McCann Mexico City / Commonwealth.

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