Cynthia Young

Cynthia Young

Professor and Program Coordinator
Humber School of Media and Creative Arts
Class 16

Cynthia has over 25 years of experience in strategy and leadership roles in publishing, marketing and advertising with a core focus in connecting audience/customer analytical and organizational frameworks to deliver better value for organizations and the media industry.

With over 10 years as brand marketer in packaged goods, consumer goods, beverage and alcohol industries and over 7 years as a media strategist on top tier clients like Capital One and BlackBerry and 6 years as an audience experience product director, she has thrived in organizations that are fast paced and transparent collaboration is how work gets done.

Cynthia has recently entered a new career adventure in education, lecturing and program managing a Graduate Certificate in Content Strategy at Humber School of Media and Creative Arts as a direct result of the learning she gained from her time at The Berlin School, including the great mentorship she has gained from her professors. Motivated by the opportunity to continue to be a lifelong learner and create value for others, Cynthia begins her journey this fall 2019 as a Professor.

Cynthia presented her thesis in July 2017 on Audience Design Thinking, which hypothesized that a design thinking framework could influence and inspire the creative process to think about audience context in newsroom strategy, presentation and processes. Thinking about the audience made the journalists stop and think about the value they were delivering and introduced better ways of evaluating content strategies. Cynthia’s thesis was implemented and indoctrinated into The Globe and Mail newsroom and the term audience is now used throughout the Canadian media industry to describe all strategic growth for news organizations.         

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