Our unique, part-time global MBA program makes the world your classroom

Awarded in association with Steinbeis University, our fully accredited Executive MBA degree in Creative Leadership is a Master’s degree for senior professionals looking to develop further as creative leaders by expanding their leadership skills, to adopt new ways of tackling the complexity of modern business and innovation and to create positive and lasting change in their field. Our classrooms host participants from a wide variety of backgrounds, whether measured in geographic, cultural or professional terms. Through a hybrid curriculum consisting of five mandatory modules – in-person plus online preparatory courses (in-person seminars scheduled to resume in early 2022) – participants learn from renowned academic thought leaders and industry experts.

Steinbeis School of Management and Innovation

Program Structure

Part-time MBA consists of five modules held in person in our global hubs, which include online preparatory courses, thesis online supervision plus optional thesis extras.


The courses in the program focus on complexity within the creative business paradigm, the imperatives of entrepreneurial mindset and forward-thinking creative leadership


Leading international specialsts from Steinbeis academic faculty, visiting professors, and industry experts


Professionals from a variety of backgrounds including technology, advertising, finance, retail, hospitality and more

Tuition Costs

€53,000 (excluding travel and lodging)

Degree Earned

Master of Business Administration (MBA) awarded by Steinbeis University Berlin and accredited by FIBAA

Our Flexible Executive MBA Program Format

The Executive MBA is aimed at those who already hold a leadership position or are designated for one. It’s designed to fit busy schedules rather than the other way around – the hybrid modular structure is flexible, so participants can keep their careers or run their companies and complete the degree at their own pace.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Participants to the program can choose to start the program either in person in Berlin in April 2022 (Berlin Start Module) or by completing the Start Module online via October, January or July’s Gateway Courses (plus their additional academic courses).

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May September

Modules, Courses and Dates

 Part-time Executive MBA program Module in Berlin

Berlin Module


Broaden your network and take advanced courses in the governance of corporate and startup cultures, the ‘play’ in creativity and much more.

Creative Leadership Across Contexts
Strategy as a Story
Platform Strategies
Digital Transformation & the German Landscape
Corporate Governance & Startup Governance
Orchestrating Mergers & Acquisitions
Managing Leadership Talent
Coaching as Learning
Prototype Life: Transitions for Nomads
Masterclasses, Alumni Talks or Site Visits
 Part-time Executive MBA program Asia Module in Shanghai and Tokyo

Asia Module

Shanghai / Tokyo

Explore the bustling, complex and distinct Asian markets while learning new approaches to leadership, service and innovation.

The Chinese Renaissance & its Global Impact
Chinese Society, Including Round Table with Executives & Entrepreneurs
Japan at the Crossroads: Introduction to Tokyo
Understanding Consumer Behavior & Marketing in Japan
Tokyo: Venturesome City
Cool Japan
Self-care in Leadership & Zazen Experience
The Chinese Ways of Thinking
Strategic Management & Innovation in China
Value Co-creation & Service Management
Masterclasses, Alumni Talks or Site Visits
 Part-time Executive MBA program US Module November

US Module

NYC / Silicon Valley

Through an academic lens, understand the distinct marketing, tech, entrepreneurial and innovative mindsets of both coasts of the US.

New York Beyond Manhattan: Ethnographic Field Exercise
Culture & Influence in Leadership
Creativity & Commerce: Reinventing Media & Creative Marketing
Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
Leaders as Communicators
Entrepreneurship & New Venture Program – Including the Design Process & Demo Day
Masterclasses, Alumni Talks or Site Visits
 Part-time Executive MBA program Start Module in March and September in Berlin


Throughout the program


This is not a module, but rather when participants can reach out for thesis supervision on their research topic and more niche support through the following topics

Academic Content
Thesis Planning & Writing
Methods Introduction


Onboarding & Gateway Courses
Program Overview + Networking Event
Personal Leadership Journey
Introduction to Creative Leadership
Additional Academic Content
Finance & Valuation
Business Strategy
Applied Accounting
 Part-time Executive MBA program Module in Berlin

Start Module in Berlin


This in-person module in Berlin will be complemented by two online courses

Introduction to Creative Leadership
On-site Learning
Personal Leadership Journey
Finance & Valuation
Business Strategy
Applied Accounting
Visits and Events
2 Masterclass or Site Visits
+ 1 Alumni Talk or President Lecture
Berlin Creative Tour

Traveling Module

More information coming soon.

Leading Creative People: EQ in Action, Business Law & Ethics
On-site Learning
Local Leadership for Local Challenges
Leading Creativity and Creative Responses
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Purpose Lead Brands & Leadership
Creative Makers and the New Paradigms of Doing
Social Leadership, Social Impact and Social Entrepreneurship

Learn from Academic & Industry Experts

Our Executive MBA in Creative Leadership program takes our participants on a distinct learning journey where they have the unique opportunity to interact with leaders who are creatively shaping their industries. Both outstanding creative leaders and academic experts contribute to an authentic and innovative learning experience that resonates to the core of our participants.

Olivier Tabatoni
Werner Seebacher
Jennifer Lena
Robert Weisz
Gonzalo Freixes

More Experts

Academic Faculty

Steve Harrison
Michael Ben-David
Chuck Porter
Mukti Khaire
Scott Hartley

More Experts


Sandra Matz
Tim Leberecht
Alexa Clay
Clive Wilkinson
David Droga

More Experts

Exclusive Talks
Scholarships for Executive MBA in Creative Leadership

Financing & Scholarships

Investing in education is one of the best commitments one can make for their career. There are various ways to finance our Executive MBA, and the Berlin School of Creative Leadership will help find the best options to do so.

Leading with empathy makes your team believe more in your goals, because they know that what we are doing – as a team – is to ease our clients’ lives, so they can do their work better.
I went to the Berlin School looking for the right answers, and I came back with something even better: the right questions. Bingo. For me it was like crossing the Rubicon (and the view from this side is really amazing!)
It is a modern melting-pot of creative culture from every continent, where you can truly learn and bring things to life in this real-time-response world. This is the best school for people in creative industries.
If and when situations now arise in my career as a creative leader, I not only have a body of theoretical knowledge, but a contacts book of fellow creatives who can share their experiences and insights. That’s invaluable.
Thesis for part-time global Executive MBA in Creative Leadership


In composing a thesis, participants focus on provoking, refreshing, and challenging the status quo of their industries.

Creative Business Leadership

The Creative Business Leadership Model© is the foundation of our learning method. It draws on a range of human and organizational learning and leadership skills with an underlying drive to respond to complex business activities, evolving technology, and accelerating global markets.

Apply for our global Executive MBA Program

There is no official application deadline. Applications to our Executive MBA in Creative Leadership are accepted on a rolling basis. However, participants are encouraged to apply early if they want to take advantage of any tuition fund opportunities available on each cycle.


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