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Where Creativity Meets Complexity – Our global EMBA Program awarded by Steinbeis University

The Executive MBA in Creative Leadership is a Master’s degree for professionals looking to develop further as leaders, to adopt new ways of tackling the complexity of modern business and innovation, and to create positive and lasting change in their field. Our global classroom is made up of participants from a wide variety of backgrounds. Throughout five intensive module residencies and thesis preparation, they learn from renowned academic thought leaders and industry experts committed to fostering creativity in business.

Program Structure

Part-time program involving five separate two-week modules that generally takes 18-36 months to complete


The courses in the program focus on complexity within the creative business paradigm


Leading international experts from academia and industry


Professionals from a variety of backgrounds including technology, advertising, finance, retail, hospitality and more

Tuition Costs

€53,000 (excluding travel and lodging)

Degree Earned

Master of Business Administration (MBA) awarded by Steinbeis University Berlin and accredited by FIBAA

Our Flexible MBA Program Format

Our Executive MBA is aimed at those who are already in a leadership position or designated for one, it’s designed to fit your schedule rather than the other way around. The modular structure is flexible, so you can keep your job and complete the degree at your own pace. Applications to the program are accepted on a rolling basis, with Start Modules taking place every March and September.

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Upcoming Dates

Berlin Module

Start Module

September 9, 2018 to September 22, 2018

New participants are immersed in creative leadership learning, business fundamentals and the Berlin School community.

Modules & courses
Introduction to Creative Leadership
Applied Accounting
Finance & Valuation
Business Strategy
Thesis Research Overview
EMBA US Module November

November Module

November 4, 2018 to November 17, 2018
NYC / Berkeley CA

New York & Silicon Valley weeks combine academic and industry views on creative media, data, tech and innovation design.

Modules & courses
Power, Influence and Leadership
Reinventing Media and Creative Marketing
Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
The Design Process
Agile Leadership
Business Law and Ethics
Thesis & Research
Berlin School EMBA Module Berlin

January Module

January 27, 2019 to February 9, 2019

Extending learning from other modules, participants take advanced courses and deepen their knowledge, skills and relationships within the community.

Modules & courses
Applied Economics
Corporate Planning
Leading Change
Corporate Finance: Value Creating Decisions
Personal Leadership & Learning
Thesis Research & Planning
Berlin Module

Start Module

March 10, 2019 to March 23, 2019

New participants are immersed in creative leadership learning, business fundamentals and the Berlin School community.

Modules & courses
Introduction to Creative Leadership
Applied Accounting
Finance & Valuation
Business Strategy
Thesis Research Overview
EMBA Asia Module May

May Module

May 12, 2019 to May 25, 2019
Shanghai / Tokyo

Weeks in Shanghai & Tokyo explore complex Asian markets and new approaches to leadership, service and innovation.

Modules & courses
Introduction to Shanghai & Chinese Ways of Thinking
The Chinese Renaissance and its Global Impact
Strategic Management and Innovation in China
Creative Industries and Economies
Cross-Cultural Leadership
Japan at the Crossroad
Service Management
Cool Japan
Tokyo: Venturesome City
Understanding Consumer Behavior & Marketing in Japan
Value Co-Creation
Berlin School EMBA Module Berlin

July Module

July 15, 2018 to July 29, 2018

Strategic decision-making, talent leadership and social entrepreneurship learning precede a thesis showcase and graduation.

Modules & courses
Uncertainty and Decision-making
Globalization Strategy, Leading Beyond Markets & Social Entrepreneurship
Leading Creative People: Emotional Intelligence in Action
Strategic Talent Management
Leaders on Stage
Thesis Research & Thesis Presentations

Learn from Academic & Industry Experts

Every Berlin School learning experience gives you a singular opportunity to interact with leaders who are shaping their creative fields. Both top creatives and academic experts contribute to a unique and innovative learning experience that resonates with participants.

Olivier Tabatoni
Werner Seebacher
Shamus Khan
Robert Weisz
Gonzalo Freixes

Academic Faculty
More Experts
United States

Ivan Stankovic
Christer Windelov-Lidzelius
Michael Keller
Michael Ben-David
Kaya Qin
Professor Klaus Klemp
Chuck Porter
Jimmy Mayman
Gustavo Martinez
Harry Pearce
Sebastian Turner
Tom Doctoroff
Sancho Perez
Andreas Dannenberg
Richard Sheridan
Alex Pallete
Amir Kassaei
Pablos Holman
Dave Trott
Christian Tiedeman
Kitty Lun
Tony Cohen
Mick Buckley
Sabine Christiansen

Master Classes
More Experts
United States

Sandra Matz
Tim Leberecht
Alexa Clay
Clive Wilkinson
David Droga
Chuck Porter
Bob Pittman
Andrew Oldham
Maurice Levy
Paul Jackson
Peter Brabeck Letmathe
Thomas Burrell
Washington Olivetto
Marcello Serpa
Ralf Schmerberg
Miha Pogacnic
Jeff Steinhour
Masayoshi Tsuchiya
Jörg Schönbohm
Sir John Hegarty
Seymour Stein
Joachim Sauter
Joao Daniel Tikhomiroff
Toni Segarra
Filip Nilsson
John Hunt
Jeff Jarvis
Claudia Langer
Kitty Lun
Dr. Rainer Esser
Sir Martin Sorrell
Alan Boyd
Cindy Gallop
Dr. Mathias Döpfner
Hartmut Ostrowski
Markus & Daniel Freitag

President's Lecture
More Experts

Apply for our Executive MBA Program

There is no official application deadline. Applications to the program are accepted on a rolling basis, and participants are encouraged to apply early for their preferred Start Module. The next Start Module takes place in Berlin, Germany and runs from September 9-22, 2018.

When I started the program, I was a Manager. During these 18 months I became a Leader — at least, I hope so! I feel very grateful that the school changed my whole mindset, my approach to difficulties and how I treat people.
Leading with empathy makes your team believe more in your goals, because they know that what we are doing – as a team – is to ease our clients’ lives, so they can do their work better.
I went to the Berlin School looking for the right answers, and I came back with something even better: the right questions. Bingo. For me it was like crossing the Rubicon (and the view from this side is really amazing!)
The Executive MBA opened up the world. It gave me an international network and leadership structure that allowed me to package and scale my talent. And it trained me for a new level of pressure.

Financing & Scholarships

Investing in your education one of the best commitments you can make for your career. There are various ways to finance your Executive MBA, and the Berlin School of Creative Leadership will help you to find the best options to fund your Executive MBA program.


In composing a thesis, participants focus on provoking, refreshing, and challenging the status quo of their industries.


Your questions, answered.

"Who is eligible to apply?"
"Do I need a GMAT or TOEFL to apply?"
"I’m not a 'creative' or working in advertising; is this for me?"
"Is it just for those who work for major companies, or are independent business-owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers also welcome?"
"Is this a certified MBA degree?"
"Can you tell me more about the curriculum?"
"Are scholarships or other kinds of financial aid available?"
"Is there a lot of course work between modules?"

For more information please contact:

Gerardo Tejo

Berlin School of Creative Leadership
Head of Admissions Executive MBA
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