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Learn More About the Tuition Funds Available for Our 2020 March Intake

Each year, we partner with creative organizations and foundations to reward creative excellence and further creative leadership. We do that by compiling Tuition Funds which go towards supporting selected candidates with their Executive MBA fees. For the next intake, starting March 15th 2020 in Berlin, we are proud to partner with GWA - Deutschlands führende Agenturen.

Find more options and information on how to finance your Executive MBA at the page Financing & Scholarships.

Applications for this round of funding are ongoing until the begining of this Start Module or until all funds are allocated.

Ideal Candidates

The ideal candidates should be accomplished executives, independent professionals, founders or entrepreneurs in creative businesses. They must have strong professional background and a track record of creative excellence.

The funds are split and allocated amongst deserving applicants and beneficiaries are chosen by the Berlin School and selected by merit. Entries will be judged according to their overall profile and Executive MBA application, as well as their response to an additional essay question. 

about the 'GWA TUITION FUND'

GWA have been supporters and defenders of the creative industry in Germany for over 35 years, creating new opportunities for learning and development, and honouring creative pioneers through their annual Effie Awards. To continue this support, GWA is proud to offer €50,000 in tuition support to be distributed amongst successful candidates.

To apply, please respond to the following question (in addition to completing the standard Berlin School Executive MBA application form):

“Digital Disruption has affected the business models and processes of communications agencies around the world. In your opinion, what are the main effects of digital transformation that are disrupting agencies in terms of their USP, value chain architecture and sources of income? How can creative leadership broaden our perspectives to tackle these changes?”

Applications are ongoing until all fund are allocated.

For more information please contact:

Gerardo Tejo

Berlin School of Creative Leadership
Head of Admissions and Student Services
  +49 (0)30 88 49 80 80
  +49 (0)30 88 49 80 99