Zainab Al Hassan

Zainab Al Hassan

Business Development
Managing Director
Saudi Arabia
Class 12

As a Creative Business Director for dadedo, Zainab plays a managing role in almost every department within the company. From developing prospects and strategies to managing and structuring projects, Zainab’s responsibilities resemble those of an Assistant General Manager. She joined dadedo in 2008 as a graphic designer, moving her way up to leadership roles as project manager and to her current position as Creative Business Director and Partner, where now is helping shape a vision and strategy through leadership.

On her decision to get her EMBA at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, Zainab says she is ready for an education that can give her insight into growing a winning company. “There are many challenges that we face, starting with managing our people to creating competitive up-to-date ideas; but, what I’m mostly hoping for out of this program is not only solutions to these challenges, but to unveil other challenges that I may be unaware of.”

Zainab started her creative career in market research for a short period before moving on to be a graphic designer, and later growing to a business management role in her present company. She is a member of IAA and volunteers for the American Women’s Association. Zainab received her Bachelors in Fine Arts from NYIT Bahrain.

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