Tina Krause

Tina Krause

Creative Director
Head of Design
C3 Creative Code & Content
Class 12

As Head of Concept Design at C3 Creative Code & Content, a merger of Burda Creative Group and Kircher Burkhardt, Krause is the story-teller for brands, helping advertisers find new ways to expose their brands in Burda magazines and publications. She is also responsible for developing and planning cross-media campaigns and new advertisement tools as well as doing trend research for new advertisement & media innovations. With Burda being one of the biggest publisher of magazines in Germany, Krauses' goal is to help bring advertisers back to print media, using creative tools that are forward-thinking and utilize the customer's connection to the brand and new technology to create impact.

Tina is the winner of the Lürzer’s Archive Scholarship and is excited to expose herself to a new group of inspirational creatives and mind-bending ideas. “I am always hungry for new impulses, I am always in search for a higher level of creative excellence and I never stand still.”


Tina previously worked in marketing and promotions for various companies, including Avantgarde Shanghai and BMW in Munich. She received her Bachelors in Business Administration at European University.