Susanne Wiesemann

Susanne Wiesemann

redRobing Strategic Public Relations GmbH
Class 11

Susanne has been running redRobin Strategic Public Relations since 2005, where she leads a team to structure and execute regional, national, and international PR campaigns specializing on finance, business, and change management. Before establishing redRobin, she was a member of the executive board of one of the big German PR agencies covering industries as varied as finance, IT and electronics, health, and marketing, and a managing director of another Hamburg-based PR agency. 

After working in management positions for 13 years and running her own company for 7, Susanne comes to the Berlin School to engage and learn from other high-level professionals in the creative industries. “I am looking forward to intellectual exchange, the opportunity to learn from experienced industry leaders, to learn and discuss new concepts with a group of creative industry insiders, to share ideas and work together, to broaden my horizon, and to break out of well-trodden paths of thinking.”

“Being a subject expert rather than a manager by nature, I tend to be focused on the rational rather than the emotional side of working relationships. To create and execute great campaigns, however, it is not enough to strategize and explain. It is necessary to excite, inspire, and support colleagues and employees. My goal is to be able to create a better environment in which all involved can be more successful – myself, my employees, and my clients.”

Susanne has worked for 16 years in Public Relations, with 13 of those years being in management positions. Her work has taken her from an academic background teaching at McGill University in Canada to the managing board of top PR agencies to running her own company. She studied Political Science at University of Hamburg and University of East Anglia in England, where she also received her MA in International Relations