Ricardo García Galiot

Ricardo Garia Galiot

Ricardo García Galiot

Creative Director
Fox Networks Group
Class 19

Ricardo has already had an extensive career in the European TV industry, where he has managed creative teams in both, content production and brand communication departments at several international media houses. He is passionate about the power of transmedia and interactive storytelling as a way to engage audiences in a more personalized form. He was born on the opposite edge of Europe, in Spain, but home has been Helsinki since 2012. He also lived and worked in the Netherlands and Portugal. He is multilingual and holds a postgraduate degree in Image Science and a Masters of Art in Media Innovation.


2012 - ongoing
Creative Director at Fox Networks Group (Nordic)

2010 - 2012
Content and Post-Production Director at Warner Bros. TV Portugal

2008 - 2010
Creative Manager at Fox Networks Group (Benelux & Iberia)

2000 - 2008
Content Director and Producer at The Walt Disney Company (Iberia)

Key Skills
Brand development and strategy
Multiplatform content
Long and short form content formatting and development
Media innovation
Multicultural creative teams management