Nikolay Stoev

Nikolay Stoev

Executive Director
Strategist and Leader
Class 19

At the present time, he has been working in the commercial design industry for 14 years. While it is clear that there is more to design than aesthetics, the aesthetic component is tied to the final product. In order for the final product to come to life, there are many steps that lead to product finalization, and this involves the business of design. To be a global leader, he's realized that I must excel at the business of design. It demands attention in multiple areas, such as, branding, human resources, communications, management, construction, and transport, to name a few. A company needs to have a comprehensive understanding in each of these areas in order to excel in today's dynamic marketplace. To stay ahead of competitors, a company should function efficiently on all levels, have a creative edge, as well as have insight into customer needs.

During his time in this industry, he's had the privilege of working alongside inspirational people, bringing world-class projects to life. The most notable projects include the Burj Khalifa, Dubai, and the National Museum of Singaporea. The Burj .Khalifa project is filled with animated video projections of experiential scenographic design for those making their way to the top of the tower at the 124th floor, where they can view the entire city of Dubai. The National Museum of Singapore project brought wonderful creative challenges on all levels. Their vision was to present artifacts using state-of-the-art technology, connecting them with modem design materials, which appeal to a broader audience in this modem era.

These international projects helped fuel my love of design by allowing him to create something innovative, while drawing inspiration from both local culture and modem art.

His work on projects such as these culminated in recognition by his peers and being honored with the award of Grand Prix of Design - FERDIE, - 2014, for the project of Lumenpulse at the Lightfair International trade show.

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