Nik Arnhold

Nik Arnhold

Digital Director
United Kingdom
Class 09

As the director of digital services for OMM, Nik Arnhold heads a team of designers and developers dealing with a wide range of new technologies including web, led advertising, multimedia, iPhone applications and digital photography. His clients include global brands such as Sony, Barclays, Nike, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Acco Brands and Black and Decker.

Nik’s educational background includes Industrial Design, Furniture Design and Technology and Computer Aided Art and Design, and has steadily built upon this design knowledge over the past 16 years working in areas of Brand iD, print design, event marketing, online development, interactive/experiential media and various international projects either working in or with clients from South America, USA, various parts of Europe and Australia. Nik is looking forward to complementing his creative expertise and building upon his existing management and leadership skills through his pursuit of an Executive MBA.

“I feel further leadership and strategic education is vital if I am to be involved in implementing a solid business structure and improved methodologies at OMM. After reviewing what courses are available the Berlin school EMBA stands out as being the perfect learning platform to give me these skills.”

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