Nataliia Kniazieva

Nataliia Kniazieva

Sauce Advertising Agency
Class 13

As Executive Director and owner of Sauce Advertising Agency, Nataliia Kniazieva manages more than 20 employees in the creative, strategic, and client service departments, develops new business, ensures profitability of the agency, and integrates new competencies to compete successfully in Russia. ??With her new leadership position within her own agency, Kniazieva came to the Berlin School of Creative Leadership to develop her fuel new ideas and develop a clear vision on how to develop her business. “I believe that the Berlin School of Creative Leadership EMBA will help me to become more effective as a pro and more creative as a personality.”

“I really hope that during my time at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, I will have the chance to flesh out my ideas and build a clear vision of how to transform my business into one of the best creative agencies in Russia.”


Before starting her own agency in 2011, Kniazieva held positions of Strategic Planning Director of SOREC Group and Group Brand Manager for SUN Interbrew Ukraine/AB InBev. She received her Bachelor Degree in Management and her Master’s Degree in Management and Marketing from National Technical University of Ukraine.