Musa Al-Saket

Musa Al-Saket

Vice Chairman and CEO
Alia Group
Class 13

In addition to being the Vice Chairman & CEO of Alia Group, Musa Awni Al-Saket also leads in various capacities several other organizations, including a radio station he started 9 years ago and a mill that produces organic and extra-virgin olive oil. He is also a board member for the Chamber of Industry and chairs a "Made in Jordan" campaign, as well as a non-profit education fund that helps underprivileged students finish university.

Al-Saket has learned that managing several different organizations requires a great deal of creative leadership, so he came to the Berlin School of Creative Leadership to not only learn best practices for leading diverse groups of people but also to help develop more leaders within his companies.

Al-Saket received his Bachelor’s Degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Boston University and a Diploma for Improving Production for Competitiveness from IFA Production Development in Sweden.

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