Matthias Lorenz-Meyer

Matthias Lorenz-Meyer

Goldkanal GmbH/WE'RE ALL IN
Class 15

Matthias is an independent internet entrepreneur with experience in TV, radio and digital media. He began building his multimedia company Goldkanal GmbH in 2005, working on internet radio formats with a focus on music and culture. Among the company’s projects are the music program NEUE HELDEN, the GRAVIS-concert series "Live-Tunes", the music platform Tempodome and the podcast of the Hamburg Cultural Authority.

In 2013, Matthias created the transmedia network WE'RE ALL IN in Berlin, which offers customized solutions to clients, products and institutions that are looking for specific audiences. “I understood that not only the client side and the media companies have to adapt to the new behavior of the customers, but even more so the service companies like agencies and production companies have to change their DNA, in order to meet the needs of the converging digital media formats that are now needed to supply a client with the right solutions. WE'RE ALL IN has proved to be a successful structure capable of fulfilling this.”

He began his professional career as a representative of the publishing company Michael Zäh Verlag and worked at the Staatstheater Dresden in the Directors Department, before beginning work on the media show “NEUE HELDEN” and building his own company.

Matthias has a law degree from the Albert-Ludwig-Universität in Freiburg.

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