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Mark Jaensch

Mark Jaensch

Trainer & Consultant
  +49 (0) 172 809 31 62

Mark defines his purpose as helping people and teams to experience the power of personal communication and leadership. He works with Zeitgeist-Organizations, start-ups, creatives, NGOs and structures who are struggling to adapt to the speed and quality of change necessary today.

Having led projects, organizations and teams professionally in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Asia and Africa he has a broad experience in intercultural communication and leadership.

For the United Nations Mark has led teams in Afghanistan from 2002-2004 working on the government building process and the country wide elections.

In Germany he has owned and run a communication agency specializing in internal, emotional, direct and viral communication.

Since 2009 Mark has been teaching creativity and structure at business colleges in Germany.

As a firm believer in agile leadership he handles trainings, workshops and speeches for all levels in both large and small groups. He handles a broad range of topics within the realm of leadership, including transformational leadership models, identity and personality development, value based communication, creativity and innovation.

He lives in the middle of Germany with his wife and two children and spends his time somewhere in the world.