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Marília Lobo

Marília Lobo

Managing Partner
Fina Ideia Communication and Education
Class 18

Marília is an enthusiastic and highly skilled creative executive and entrepreneur with a non-traditional career path. Right after graduation, at the age of 23, with a dream in mind, less than $500 and a brief business plan she founded her first business. In collaboration with employees and partners she developed Fina Ideia Communication and Education, an award winning company.

She believes in the vision that integrates communication and education to strategic planning, human and organizational development, governance and relationship management. Marília holds a PR background and postgraduate qualification in Business Strategy.  


2005 – ongoing at Fina Ideia Communication and Education
Despite the corporate activity, Marília also dedicates efforts as an Entrepreneurship and Communication lecturer and blogger. In her personal website – - she shares all her learning experiences and travel tips.    

Key Skills
Corporate Communication strategies
Internal Communication
Project and Business Management
Blogging and content developing