Liudmila Bausheva

Liudmila Bausheva

Creative Director
Contrapunto LLC (BBDO)
Class 16

Liudmila has more than 10 years of experience in leading international advertising agencies in Moscow. In her current position, she supervises the agency’s product, leads the creative department and is responsible for the development of Contrapunto’s philosophy and vision.

Liudmila studied English and French at the Moscow State Linguistic University before joining Saatchi&Saatchi in 1996 as an Account Executive. She then worked as a Senior Copywriter at BBDO and later became one of the key members to launch the new creative agency Instinct/BBDO in 2003.

In the following years, Liudmila worked as a Creative Director at BBDO, Instinct and Saatchi&Saatchi, and since 2010 she is helping develop the newly born creative branch of BBDO Moscow - Contrapunto.

Liudmila is also a Member of the Board and one of the founders and strategy developers of the “Deti Nashi” Charity founded in 2006 in support of orphans and children without parental care.

Liudmila joins the Berlin School because of her desire to become a better leader in a highly competitive and fast moving industry and help her agency get more worldwide recognition. “I feel there's a great deal that I can learn about improving myself as a leader. Even though my present agency is still young, we need to get noticed more, we need to be brave and we need to win awards. Our ultimate task is to reach the heights of international industry standards and bring the level of our ideas and executions up to compete on the world arena and get recognized at international festivals.”

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