Lea Stankovic

Lea Stankovic

Executive Director
Communis DDB
Class 10

At Communis DDB, Lea devises creative and digital strategies for clients such as Amstel, Heineken, Alpha Bank and Aqua Viva. Growing up, she spent her weekends at her father’s advertising agency where she gained unique insight and learned the ropes. She chose the Berlin School of Creative Leadership so she could help move the digital age of Advertising further in Serbia and bring innovation to the cross-cultural collaboration in the region.

“At the moment, change management is something which is done on ad hoc basis, without any methodical or strategic thinking behind it,” she said. “Modules connected to the business side of the creative industry will help me comprehend and hopefully one day achieve that ever so fragile balance where a happy team creates excellent work which in turn makes the company financially successful.”

Before working for Communis DDB, Lea worked as a financial analyst for British American Tobacco in Moscow, Russia. There she was responsible for collecting and consolidating financial information from eighteen markets and she had a strong role in the creation of the annual budget for the East European Region. Other work stints include Islamic banking consultancy and internal marketing research for Fiat.

Lea received her B.A. in History at University College London and a Masters in European Business at ESCP-EAP European School of Management.