Julie Hough

Julie Hough

Content Strategist
Berlin School of Creative Leadership
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Julie is the Content Strategist for the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. She takes the leads on written content for the school's blog, newsletters and printed materials, as well as developing wider digital campaigns and visual designs. 

Julie grew up in Galway on the west coast of Ireland. After obtaining her degree in English and Classics at The National University of Ireland, Julie spent several months in Montreal and Vietnam before moving to London for six years where she began a double-edged career in media and music. 

As Content Strategist at Performics, a leading performance marketing agency in the Publicis family, Julie supported worldwide SEO campaigns by developing written, infographic and video assets for  their global client, Reckitt Benckiser. During this time, she also completed a grad program in Marketing, Advertising and Digital Media.

Away from the agency, Julie honed her passion for music and songwriting, forming her own band and co-founding their label, Veta Records. In her new home in Berlin, Julie continues to make music which has featured in music publications such as D.I.Y., Noisey, and Wonderland Magazine. She also manages graphic design and content for Veta Records, as well as coaching new artists to develop their social media and PR strategies. 

With such a diverse creative career, Julie says she is constantly learning the value of great leadership within any team, whether it's within the walls of an office space or in the often chaotic world of making music. It's no wonder she feels at home at the Berlin School where leadership is the catalyst to allow creative ideas to flow.