Jaakko Tammela

Jaakko Tammela

Group Design Director
Class 14

As an independent design consultant Jaakko advises on new product development as well as business opportunities for local and global brands such as Ekos, Kids In, Natura, and Intel. He is also founder of Fabrico, a company that helps entrepreneurs develop solutions that matches theirs dreams and passions with high standard market solutions, delivering what he calls, soul made products. Additionally, Jaakko is partner of GrimpaXD, an experience design house consultant that works with innovation projects to brands such as Honda, Tiffany, Tamontina and Brandesco.

Jaakko's professional experience includes being Senior Future Insights Manager for Whirlpool Latin America, as well as Senior Design Manager. He also previously co-founded another company, Sincrodesign, which worked with many global brands. Additionally he was a professor, teaching branding and strategic design. Now he is a coordinator and curator for the extension program at IED São Paulo. During almost 13 years of experience, Jaakko received more than 30 international and national design awards, such as GOOD, Design Prize, IF Design Award, Red Dot and IDEA USA and Brazil. He holds a Bachelor's in Industrial Design from PUC-Rio and an MBA in Marketing and Business from ESPM-RJ.

Jaakko decided to come to the Berlin School of Creative Leadership in order to add a strong understanding of business theory to his professional experience. "Now, I think will be a perfect time to put together the practice, experience, theory and dream and help to design a new creative business model that helps me and others to design future business."

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