Iqbal Nandra

 Iqbal Nandra EBMA Class 13

Iqbal Nandra

Head of Communications
International Labour Organization
United Kingdom
Class 13

Iqbal Nandra is an expert in strategic communications, PR, media relations, multimedia/film production and international campaigns. He has over 15 years of experience working on global campaigns in both developed and developing country settings. As Head of Communications at International Labour Organization (ILO), he can put all of his areas of expertise into creative practice.

Iqbal often found himself in conversations where the terms ‘equity valuation’, ‘e-commerce’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ cropped up with increased frequency – conversations in which he would have liked to be more articulate, more assured and more adept. Hence, his desire for a more formal business education, with a special focus on effective leadership in the creative industries, is what led him to the Berlin School.

Iqbal’s background includes working as a PR Consultant in strategic communications, where he advised numerous Indian and international clients on a wide range of strategic communication activities, including branding, media relations, corporate communications and business development. A couple of his clients include Dyson and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He even founded his own company, Moonshot Missions to help companies and startups identify and achieve their branding dreams. Before that, he worked as a Communications Advisor as well as a Global Campaign Manager for the World Health Organization in Switzerland. Prior to joining WHO, he worked in various capacities for the BBC, including as a Senior Project Consultant (India, Nigeria and Tanzania) and Senior Producer for BBC Radio 1 (UK). Over the years, his teams picked up a clutch of media and campaign awards in India, Nigeria and the UK. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications at the University of Westminster in London.

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