Iqbal Nandra

 Iqbal Nandra EBMA Class 13

Iqbal Nandra

Strategic Communications
United Kingdom
Class 13

As a PR Consultant in Strategic Communications, Iqbal Nandra advises numerous Indian and international clients on a wide range of strategic communication activities, including branding, media relations, CSR, corporate communications, and business development. Some of his clients include the World Health Organization, Dyson, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Iqbal came to the Berlin School of Creative Leadership to gain concrete business knowledge for his work. “I am not from a traditional business background – I trained as a journalist – but as my work and client’s needs change, so too must my knowledge, my approach and my training. (You can only get so far on luck, gut instinct and intuition!)”

I often find myself in conversations where the terms ‘equity valuation’, ‘e-commerce’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ crop up with increasing frequency. It is a conversation in which I would like to me more articulate, more assured and more adept. Hence my desire for a more formal business education, with a special focus on effective leadership in the creative industries.

Iqbal’s background includes working as a Communications Advisor as well as a Global Campaign Manager for the World Health Organization in Switzerland. Before joining WHO, he worked in various capacities for the BBC, including as a Senior Project Consultant (India, Nigeria and Tanzania) and Senior Producer for BBC Radio 1 (UK). His teams have picked up a clutch of media and campaign awards in India, Nigeria and the UK. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications at the University of Westminster in London.

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