Gord Dimitrieff

Gord Dimitrieff

Class 14

As Founder and President of Aporia, Gord has been responsible for seeing the release of more than 50 albums, negotiated exclusive agreements with more than 30 songwriters/artists, and has negotiated agreements with European music companies to expand Aporia's catalog of represented music copyrights in Canada. He is a board member of the Canadian Independent Music Association, and a member of several other professional music associations.

Gord started his company right out of University in 2000 during what he describes as 'the worst time in history to go into the music industry.' However, through experimentation and hard work, he built up a successful organization. In 2007 he co-founded the Aporia-affiliated synchronization broker and music publisher Bearsuit Publishing. Gord received a Bachelor of Arts, History at Carleton University.

Despite having led companies since 2000, Gord decided to come to the Berlin School of Leadership to prepare for changes in the music industry. "I was very encouraged when I discovered the Berlin School's marketing materials at MIDEM and then again through my recent involvement with the Art Director's Club in New York. This timing coincides perfectly with the dramatic structural changes in the music industry and the need for fundamental rethinking of the business on my part."

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