Gavin Hoh

Gavin Hoh

Creative Director
McCann Erickson Malaysia
Class 06

Since 2005, Gavin has held the position of Creative Group Head at McCann Erickson in Malaysia, where he has worked chiefly with DiGi, Cadbury Adams, Prudential, Sime Darby and Nestle. Within this role, he and his team have received various PMAA awards in recognition of their work for DiGi.

Prior to this appointment, between 2001 and 2005, Gavin worked as Senior Copywriter, also at McCann Erickson Malaysia, and preceding this, as Senior Copywriter for FCB Malaysia (2000-2001).

When asked about his experience on the Executive MBA program so far Gavin replied: "This is not an MBA for industry hacks. Designed for professionals in creative fields, it imparts knowledge and a practical sense of its application in a business where logic and emotion snuggle up in bed. It is a huge difference, considering that the enemy of intellectualism is most often not ignorance, but pseudo-intellectualism. The Astro- 4A’s Malaysia Scholarship in partnership with Berlin School of Creative Leadership kicks down the door not just for the next generation of industry leaders, but more importantly, for the leaders of the next generation of creative industries. I know which type I’d rather be."

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