Edgardo Olaizola

Edgardo Olaizola

United States
Class 11

Edgardo is a Strategy Director at Lapiz, a leading multicultural ad agency offering creative development services for TV, print, radio, and digital ads that focus on reaching the Hispanic community. Lapiz is a unit of Leo Burnett, which also offers campaign planning as well as brand consulting services. The agency has performed work for such clients as Allstate, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and BlackBerry. Lapiz is a unit of Leo Burnett.


Edgardo was previously Marketing Research Manager of NII Holdings, a leading provider of mobile communications in Latin America, where he orchestrated regional marketing research projects and brand strategies in order to strengthen the Nextel brand.

Edgardo’s career in Brand Strategy and Research started in Venezuela, where he graduated with a B.A. in Communication and began working as a copywriter for JWT. He then moved on to become Advertising Research Project Manager for Ipsos Venezuela coordinating regional efforts for Procter & Gamble and later he moved to Puerto Rico to be the Director of Advertising Research for Ipsos ASI. Before moving to NII, he was the Strategic Planning Director for BBDO Puerto Rico, where we developed strategic brand initiatives for a multi-brand portfolio, including Mars, Pepsi, Scotiabank & Visa.