Dorte Palle Jorgensen

Dorte Palle Jorgensen EMBA Class 21

Dorte Palle Jorgensen

Podcast Producer
Bauer Media
Class 21

Dorte is an award-winning Executive Producer for the media broadcast industry. She works as a Podcast Producer at Bauer Media.

Dorte is a storyteller, always focusing on the content. Her powerful visions make her create new and radical innovation, normally in smaller teams out of prime time. She has a holistic bottom-up approach in her leadership and her forces are to spot the potential in young or undeveloped talents. Dorte has always been a first mover. It is in her nature to spot new trends and evolving ideas, and she is instinctively looking for ways to improve workflow. New technics, new platforms, new genres.

Dorte started her career in DR when she was 20 and was always practical, learning by doing. She has an array of skills that includes Storytelling, Video and Podcast Production, Creative Leadership, Concept Development and Innovation.

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