Dmitry Keshishev

Dmitry Keshishev

Creative Director
Progression Group
Class 13

As ECD at Progression Group, the leading Russian independent advertising group of agencies, Dmitry Keshishev manages creative department, coordinates with the business development group to design marketing strategies and ideas, and is responsible for recruiting top talent. This year at the Silver Mercury Festival, his agency won five awards, including best campaign strategy in digital marketing and best brand promotion campaign.

Dmitry knew he wanted to come to the Berlin School of Creative Leadership after attending the school’s seminar at Cannes Lions’. Since then he decided it was time to develop his skill-set even further. “The time has come when it is crucial for me to gain skills and knowledge, and to establish a network of creative people in my and other spheres which is only possible to do at the Berlin School’s unique, synergetic atmosphere and in the framework of its dynamic and innovative program.”


Before joining Progression Group in 2005, Keshishev worked as an Art Director and Designer for several different agencies. He received a specialist degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, as well as a second Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication Design at Lomonosov Moscow State University.