Chrystine Girard

 Chrystine Girard EMBA Class 16

Chrystine Girard

Head of International Distribution
Encore International
Class 16

Chrystine holds the position of Chief Content Officer of Montréal-based boutique company Ciné-Mundo. With more than 20 years of experience in the international TV and media business industry, Chrystine is specialized in identifying, acquiring and exploiting TV and media content rights for all media platforms, worldwide. She works closely with rights holders such as format devisors and writers, independent producers and broadcasters. She previously worked as VP, Content Rights Management at Attraction Images Plus where she was responsible for the global exploitation of the company’s full content library.

Chrystine comes to the Berlin School as she believes the DNA of its EMBA is just what she needs to pursue her career in the global TV and media industry. “What makes this program so appealing is its focus on creative leadership in the global market environment. To grow a business in a creative industry and be well received on the global scene, a keen understanding of both the business and the creative people involved is a must. By joining this program, I aim to enhance my skills and competencies in that respect.”

Chrystine has a Bachelor’s degree in Translation (Business Law) from Université Laval and an Executive MBA from Concordia University. After working for several years as a translator, proofreader and writer, in 1992 she took part in the Capitole de Québec initiative and later branched off into TV as a founding member of Distraction Formats, where she remained until 2009, when she joined Attraction. In 2017, she launched along with her partner, her own business, Ciné-Mundo.”

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