Bart Daems

Bart Daems

Creative Director
Pink Entropy
United Arab Emirates
Class 15

Bart began his career in the creative industries in 1992 as a young graphic designer. His long professional background in digital design and multimedia includes working as web/interactive designer and web director in Belgium, Portugal and the United Arab Emirates, and co-founding several start-ups.

He is currently the Creative Director of Pink Entropy, an agency that delivers innovative marketing strategies and engaging interactive experiences. His main interest focuses on how to create outside the norm, to disrupt but to do so with deliberate and careful thought and deliver results, which brands and businesses can measure. His drive encompasses leading a team of creative artists, finding their strengths and nurturing their talent so they can also create and deliver compelling design and art that resonates with people. “How can I best inspire creative people as a leader? I believe that, although deadlines need to be reached, as a creative leader it is more important to be a mentor or a coach than a commander.”

A Belgian native, Bart was Head of Creative Team at HGW Media, the publisher and brand promoter for Rolling Stone Magazine Middle East. Before this, he spent 5 years as digital media specialist with The Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi.

Bart obtained a Certificate Figure Drawing and Printing Techniques from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium, as well as a BA in Graphic Design from the St. Lukas University College of Art and Design (LUCA) in Brussels.

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