Antonio Bonifacio

Antonio Bonifacio

Class 21

With a BA in Advertising gained at the University of Brasilia, Antonio started his international career in Boston, just after graduated from The Creative Circus. He hold positions from Art Director to Global Creative Director working in 4 different countries: USA, Brazil, Vietnam and Singapore; and some amazing agencies. He has considered himself lucky for being able to work for brands like: VW, Porsche, GSK, Google, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Harley Davidson, Unilever, Absolut Vodka and many others, creating multi-channels campaigns from Global to Local Markets. His work has generated solid business results, and a high creative standard winning more than 100 industry awards around the globe.

First creative hired by the ECD to be his partner and assist in establishing the new team and operations for GSK Creative Unit at Grey Singapore after moving the Panadol Global Account from NYC to Singapore.

As Global and Regional CD for GSK (Second largest global client of the Grey network), I successfully developed and executed multichannel campaign concepts and rolled them out for some of the most iconic OTC brands in the world across 120+ markets. My Global accounts were Panadol and Scott's, and Regional accounts (APAC) being Sensodyne, Eno, Horlicks and Polident.​

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