Andrés Maruri

Andrés Maruri

Vice President
Maruri Grey
Class 14

In 2011, Andrés co-founded Maruri Digital, a digital advertising agency partnering with Maruri Grey. He currently serves as its Executive Vice-President. Leading a team of more than 30 people, his work spans 24 countries for clients such as SABMiller and 3M. In the short time since its founding, Maruri Digital has experienced rapid growth and now accounts for over 20 percent of Maruri Grey's revenue and profit.

Before co-founding Maruri Digital in 2011, Andrés held various positions with Maruri Grey, including Trade Marketing Director and Senior Account Executive. Andrés obtained a BSc in Management from Purdue University in the US and an MBA from IDE Business School in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Andrés came to the Berlin School of Creative Leadership to enhance his ability to lead in a creative business environment. Exchanging and developing views on how to best integrate traditional and digital ways of advertising is among his main priorities. In his own words, "the Berlin EMBA program provides the opportunity to share experiences with the most creative people from various fields and cultures."

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