Andres Gonzalez

Andres Gonzalez

Life Tree Network
Class 21

Andres is a transformational content creator and CEO. Passionate about ideas that change the world and committed to excellence, his works have been recognized in the most relevant festivals of the region. Among his most outstanding projects is the All You Need Is Ecuador commercial, which received the Best Commercial of the Americas by the World Tourism Organization.

His enterprising and nonconformist spirit has led him to question the power of creativity and communication at the service of the transformation of humanity. With his team, they are committed to creating Christian content that transforms the world.

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  • 2017

            Life Tree Network, Los Angeles: CEO, Content Director.

  • 2000 – ongoing

            Vertigo Films, Ecuador: CEO, Film Director, Creative Director

  • 2016 – ongoing

            Christian Coaching University, Miami - USA: Board Member, Communication Director, Partner

  • 2014 – ongoing

            Iris Color Studio, Ecuador: CEO, Board Member

  • 2015 – ongoing

            Aurea Post CG Ecuador, CEO, Board Member

  • 2015 – ongoing

            Love Santo, Ecuador: Business Adviser, Coach.