Andrea Serrano

Andrea Serrano

Editor in Chief
Class 19

Motivated by her curiosity and her instincts, she defines herself as an entrepreneur. She is passionate about creating brands, from zero, and constructing them to become love brands with a purpose.

Distinguished by her experience in marketing, communications and business, and her high standards criteria, she has been invited to be jury in many festivals in the world. She has been selected as a judge at many festivals and award shows, specifically the Effie awards in Ecuador and Peru.

And, she knows her greatest challenge is to continuously become a better leader.  It’s a very hard goal.  But she knows this is how she will be able to change the world. 


Founder / Editor-In-Chief

My mission is to lead the company in becoming successful in marketing, creativity and innovation media.  On a daily basis, I supervise the work of the content manager and the brand manager.  I am in charge of the strategic and commercial planning of the business, including the selection, negotiation and execution of all the events.

Founder / General Director

I have been leading the organization of the event since its first year in terms of creativity, commercial, negotiations and content.   Reinvention is now positioned in our country as the "can’t miss" event for CEOs, Marketing, Innovation and Creativity Leaders.

International Accounts Manager
Ipsos Ecuador

Planned and executed negotiations with international market research companies for lifting data for market research studies.  Controlled all the projects, so they ended up being profitable and with quality information.

Key Account Manager
L’Oreal Ecuador

In charge of all the commercial relations with retail chains.  Daily supervision of activities of the 12 merchandisers and 2 trade marketing executives.  When a new product launched, I had to teach the new technology to the commercial teams from the customers and motivate them to sell it.  Also, worked together with the acquisition managers from retail on the commercial plan and promotions for the year.

Brand Manager
L.Henriques & Cia

Marketing and Sales Management for brands.  Responsible for pricing, costs, communications and inventories.

Key Skills
Operating Under Stress
Problem Solving
Selling Ideas Critical Thinking
Counselling Skills