André Pulcino

André Pulcino

CLAN vfx
Class 13

In his position as CEO, André Pulcino manages the budget and is responsible for implementing all commercial practices, team building efforts, and market planning for CLAN vfx, which provides high-end visual effects for commercials and feature films to the main agencies and production companies in Brazil. While the company was only founded in 2012, it achieved a substantial market share and produced more than 200 projects in its first year of operation.

From 2003-2012, Pulcino was the Executive Director and co-owner of Tribbo Post, where he was in charge of the executive production of the majority films the company worked on for more than 8 years, as well as managed a team of fifty collaborators. His previous experience includes various leadership roles for Casablanca Finish, including visual effects operations manager and editing facilities operations manager. He received his Bachelor's degree in Communications with an emphasis in Journalism from the Universidade Anhembi Morumbi in Brazil.

Despite his success as a leader in several companies throughout his career, Pulcino came to the Berlin School of Creative Leadership to expand his horizon. "Although I've planned a lot to reach the point where I am today, I feel it's time to bring in changes and take a different position in a market that I feel, dangerously, too familiar with. I deeply believe that attending the Berlin School of Creative Leadership will allow me to see things from a fresher, more open-minded and solution-driven point of view, by nourishing ideas and giving me the confidence to make changes and innovations that I feel this market needs."

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