Ana Cortat

Ana Cortat Executive MBA Class 19

Ana Cortat

Hybrid Colab
Class 19

Ana Cortat is a Brazilian based brand and marketing strategist and creative industry leader. She helps brands setting their future directions in terms of innovation, action, and communication. She often works to challenge behaviors and with challenging brands. Her recent experience includes leading brands such as Uber, Coca-Cola Company, Budweiser, Brahma, Fiat, Jeep, Banco Itaú, Telefonica/Vivo, Nestlé, and Natura.

Her work often extends into media and popular culture, in the belief that communication needs to walk side by side with cultural movements. Following, listening, and watching the consequences of political processes, gender identity, social inequality, and whatever else might be relevant for the social and cultural context. Her experience in research and communication strategy includes the participation in political campaign: eight state government and two Brazilian presidential campaigns.

She was nominated for the Caboré Award in 2007, Planner of The Year by the Brazilian Advertising Association in 2010 and appointed as Woman to Watch in 2014.

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