Akin Duyar

Akin Duyar

Partner and General Manager
Medit Mediterranean Media Rights GmbH
Class 18

Akin Duyar started his business career in the beginning of the early 90s as an IT expert but soon found out that he preferred the field of communications and marketing. After working for a local radio station in Berlin in the mid-90s he realized that there is a big potential for ethnic marketing, where he could use his marketing knowledge and creative skills combined with his bi-cultural background. Since that turning point, nearly all  ethnic media projects in Germany were either built or consulted by him. His consultations included: a(A Turkish radio station, a Russian radio station, PAY-TV packages with international TV channels of big operators, and many others).

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With this background and experiences, in 2002, he started his own advertising agency for intercultural marketing in Germany, along with his TV and film license company, which is selling Turkish TV and film content to the European market.


2002 – ongoing

  • cumin, excellence in intercultural marketing. Partner and General Manager
  • Medit GmbH TV and Film License Aggregator in Europe for Turkish Content.  
    Partner and General Manager

1997 – ongoing

  • Akin Duyar Creative and Business Consulting for the Media and Entertainment Sector in Germany and Turkey. 


  • Metropol FM. First Turkish radio station in Germany  Managing Director and Founder

2001-2002 Various Projects:

  • WFP GmbH – biggest ethnic marketing advertising agency - Managing Director
  • 20Minuten – Marketing / Project Management
  •  German Cable Market – Consulting and Acquisitions of international TV channel rights.
  • Radio Russkij – Program and marketing consultant
  • Premiere (Today SKY) – Marketing & Program Consultant
Key Skills
Creative Business Development
Marketing strategy
Creative Campaigns / Copywriting
Communications crisis management