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Adriano Gomes

Adriano Gomes

Account Executive
Class 18

Adriano is an engineer where it comes to the nature of his profession. He loves challenges and solving problems. He’s curious about how things work, and how they could be improved. Adriano truly believes that teamwork is the best way to achieve greater results, and has carried out this philosophy throughout his professional career. He had jobs where he could exercise all of these elements and he’s always looking for new things to do, new ways to impact others’ lives.

  • July 2012-ongoing
    Microsoft Rio de Janeiro: Account Executive
  • 2011-July 2012
    Microsoft Rio de Janeiro: Account Technology Strategist
  • 2007-2011
    Microsoft São Paulo: Technical Consultant/Solutions Architect
  • 2004-2007
    Microsoft São Paulo: Partner Technical Strategist


Key Skills
Project and Opportunity Management
Presentation Skills
Team Leadership
Relationship Development
Planning and Strategy
Value Selling