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At the Berlin School, we challenge individuals and organizations to rethink their outlook in the face of global disruption and change. And although they come to us from all over the world, participants in our non-degree programs have a couple of things in common: they are driven by a need to respond to the evolving demands of their industries and their imperative is to meet the demands (many of which are emotionally-charged) of their markets, clients and teams. The sessions are headed by leading international instructors and experts in their fields who understand the challenges creative leaders face in today’s complex world. Whether you are in charge of an advertising campaign, an innovative technology, a finance department, a marketing association, a prominent industry event or company culture, the Berlin School can offer you a premium, compact educational experience.

Future of Doing

The Future of Doing is a 4-week long online open program which includes 4 live interactive sessions. It is focus on the niche needs of creative teams who deliver innovation as their primary function, and the aim is to rethink the key pillars of the employee experience as well as co-design a future workplace for these creative makers to thrive.

'[We] connected with amazing creative leaders across the world and shared our expertise and learnt from each other, learnt best practices from different parts of the world. Made friends and we all are still connected. Had an opportunity to meet and learn from legends of the industry through master classes.'
Tools for actionable items in professional development 1) I’ve learned the importance of values – how to determine my own and my company's ideals, and use them actively. 2) I've grown more confident, and am now convinced that I'm actually a creative person. 3) I've gained new approaches to organizational structures and change leadership.  


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