Invest in a Better Future


We truly believe that investing in continued higher education is one of the best commitments you can make to develop further as a leader while transforming your business, industry and society at large.

At the Berlin School, we do our best to provide information and opportunities to make sure that tuition costs never prevent people with outstanding track records from acquiring the master’s degree of their choice. There are several ways to finance your Master of Science in Sustainable and Creative Leadership — from our Tuition Fund and launch discounts to payment plans and company sponsorships. We are happy to support you in finding the best option to fund your MSc journey.


Tuition and fees for the Master of Science in Sustainable and Creative Leadership program are €19,900.


Our highly flexible and modular study format allows you to complete it within 2 years or more – as you prefer.


Personalize and enrich your education.


Find the best options to fund your Master of Science (MSc) program and make a lasting investment in your career.


Talk to your company today to see if their employee benefits package includes subsidies or contributions toward higher education as part of training and upskilling plans.

Early Bird

We are taking applicants for our Master of Science in Sustainable and Creative Leadership. Get a step ahead and apply by August 16th to save on your tuition fees!

The Berlin School Tuition Fund

At the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, we do our best to make sure that a lack of funds — or financial difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic — doesn’t prevent people with outstanding track records from acquiring a world-renowned higher education degree.

Each year, our global community and partner organizations — including a wide variety of organizations from media, advertising, design and more, each dedicated to rewarding creative excellence and furthering creative leadership — compile a Tuition Fund that goes toward supporting promising candidates with their tuition fees.

In recognition of how unique each intake is, eligibility criteria vary from tuition fund to tuition fund and, to some extent, from intake to intake. This means that the number of grants allocated and the exact amounts of financial support provided also varies.
We announce a call for tuition fund applications approximately six months before the intake for which they are intended. Beneficiaries are selected based on merit by the Berlin School. Funds for each intake are allocated throughout a selected application period, and funds are therefore more likely to be awarded to early applicants.


Whether you are financing your degree on your own, have your company covering the costs or using grants from our Tuition Fund to finance your degree, you are always required to pay a non-refundable matriculation fee to reserve a place in our program. This upfront deposit of €3,000 is then deducted from your total fee.

For more information please contact:

Gerardo Tejo

Berlin School of Creative Leadership
Head of Admissions and Student Services
  +49 (0)30 88 49 80 80
  +49 (0)30 88 49 80 99