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About the Berlin School

The Berlin School of Creative Leadership is a renowned global center for the study of creative leadership. We equip leaders from advertising, design, entertainment, marketing, media, publishing, technology and other creative industries that demand strong creative leadership skills with the tools they need to shape and define a higher standard of creativity.

Executive Education

Our compact, non-degree programs provide participants with dynamic learning opportunities to develop valuable leadership skills. These intense learning experiences are enhanced by special access to major industry events in key regional markets.

Executive MBA in Creative Leadership

The heart of the Berlin School is the Global Part-Time Executive MBA at Steineis University Berlin, a program that transforms accomplished leaders and managers into industry-shaping creative leaders in as few as 18 months.


Cannes Creative Leaders Programme

To help creative executives lead their teams, agencies and companies more successfully, Cannes Lions Festival teamed up with the Berlin School of Creative Leadership to launch a special two-week intensive training initiative taking place in Berlin and Cannes called the Cannes Creative Leaders Programme.

Our Upcoming Events

Quote of Saneel Radia

United States
My Berlin School experience continues even years after my graduation thanks to the wonderful network of intelligent, inspiring people it's connected me with.

Quote of Anca Nuta

It made me understand better the direction in which I want to go, and in what areas I need to develop more in order to reach my dreams.

Quote of Hansa Wongsiripitack

Joining the Berlin School is one of the most important and life-changing of moments. It is a modern melting-pot of creative culture from every continent, where you can truly learn and bring things to life in this real-time-response world. This is the best school for people in creative industries.

Quote of Michal Ben-David

United Kingdom
The Berlin School had a tremendous impact on my career, because it both inspired me and provided me with the tools to fulfill my dream.

Quote of Saadi Alkouatli

United Arab Emirates
Leading with confidence by empowering others. Success doesn't lie within us as individuals. It lies within the team. With the right leadership and emotional IQ, we can uncap an enormous wealth of capacity.

Creative Leadership

To lead a team or company in a creative industry today is a daunting challenge. One that never stops evolving. That challenge can be frightening. But learning to welcome it is the first step towards harnessing your ability to inspire. 

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