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€4,500 + Local VAT/GST* 

The Future of Doing is a four-day workshop focused on the unique needs of teams who deliver innovation and creativity as their primary function. While we invite creative leaders to join the conversation, the program aims to rethink the key pillars of the employee experience, as well as co-design a future workplace for creative makers.

How can leaders support teams of designers, creative directors, technologists and strategists who will help brands to differentiate their customer experience through innovative thinking? What will organizations need to do in order to retain this significant talent as expectations about work change? 

Although these are just some of the questions the program will debate, we will also explore the strategies and mindsets of businesses and, in doing so, provide a framework to enable such a cultural transformation.

*Special Pricing for Berlin School alumni, participants and partner organizations: €3,900 + Local VAT/GST .

Program Overview

Each session will begin with an ‘insights’ briefing in which the compelling findings gleaned from the research done on ‘creative making’ will be shared and discussed. These insights were pulled from surveying talent working across large tech companies, old and new agencies of differing sizes, incubators, startups and client-side organizations from Silicon Valley, New York, London, Berlin, Melbourne and other cities across the globe.

The Future of Doing workshop will also bring to light organizations who are already innovating in the realm of employee experience to change the way things are being done. All of this will be followed by a co-design session, a sharing of frameworks and ideation guidance as to develop new approaches to tackle workplace environments, collaboration, selling, idea generation, value and purpose.

Who should attend

The Future of Doing workshop is perfect for lead designers, creatives, strategists and technologists who are responsible for delivering creative or differentiated ideas, products or services. HR and consultancy leaders who want to pave the way for improved employee experiences (EX) – or who want to initiate the development of a creative or innovative capability within their business – are also more than welcome to attend. In fact, they are encouraged to join the movement.

Dates and Locations

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New York
August 31 – September 3, 2020

October 5 – 8, 2020

October 12 – 15, 2020

Why take part

There is an astounding amount of content emerging about contemporary employee experience (EX). Yet, very little of it focuses on the niche needs of creative configurations made up of designers, technologists, strategists, creative entrepreneurs, art directors and copywriters.

We believe it’s time to bring to the surface compelling insights that inspire discussion. By providing a safe space for learning and a set of technical and critical thinking skills, we aspire to create positive change in workplaces across the globe.

In attending the Future of Doing, you’re not only signing up to take part in this powerful debate, but also joining a cultural movement – one that will create an impactful ripple effect that, in time, will ultimately make a difference in the lives of creative makers in businesses worldwide.


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