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Creative businesses today have to manifest distinct creative leadership at their core. Our compact, non-degree programs bring you up to speed on the latest approaches and practices in management, marketing, strategy and leadership.

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Past Programs 2016

Title Where
Value Creating Strategies Berlin, Germany
Emotional Intelligence Berlin, Germany
Strategic Value Creation Berlin, Germany
Why Would Anyone Trust You to Lead? Berlin, Germany
Accounting and Controlling for Non-Financials Berlin, Germany
Shape Your Agency's Reinvention Program Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mapping The CMO´s World Milan, Italy
Leading Agency Transformation Milan, Italy
Effective Agency & Client Collaboration Milan, Italy
Creative Leadership: Designing the Future Agency Model Based on Value Driven Leadership Milan, Italy
Building the Consulting Capabilities of your Creative Business Berlin, Germany
Transformation Leadership Berlin, Germany
Lead your Agency’s Reinvention Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
ADCE Creative Leadership Program Barcelona, Spain
Emotional Intelligence Berlin, Germany
Transformation Leadership Berlin, Germany
Digital Creative Leadership Berlin, Germany

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Milena Fuesgen

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