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Creative Leadership

Creative Leadership is an Ongoing and Evolving Relationship

In evolving work environments, complex business situations and accelerating global markets, people who lead must bring not only imagination to challenges, but also the inspiration and skills to capitalize on opportunities. Leaders have to be able to do both. Responding to shifting and uncertain situations while remaining faithful to your core values and beliefs is no simple task. And no single leadership style, trait or theory can ensure success in today's fast-paced and volatile creative business universe. 

The Six Pillars of Creative Leadership

Dramatic changes to the pace and complexity of creative work have dominated the last decade, and cutting-edge approaches to leadership have underlined the need to engage multiple areas of responsibility and decision-making simultaneously.  At the Berlin School, we focus on six interrelated pillars of leadership analysis and action that shape and drive successful creative business.


Grounding ongoing reflection, assessment, learning, and action in the fuller understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Bringing your core values and drivers with situational exigencies into better alignment.

Business Partners

Building trust, motivating higher standards and managing accountability in order to reinvent your business and foster creative collaboration. Applying that to relationships with both traditional partners/clients and emerging collaborators/co-creators.


Inspiring others to perform, learn, set and exceed goals. Encouraging them to strive for creative excellence together by respecting their common humanity and embracing the full range of emotional, rational and social thought processes and behaviors. Leading people in imaginatively building and sustaining creative cultures.

The Enterprise

Designing and aligning innovative systems, processes and strategies. Directing people to generate entrepreneurial outcomes and growth through sustainable performance, continuous creative/competitive advantages, ongoing learning, purposeful change and value creation.


Setting new standards for performance and productivity across the entire value chain. Shaping new project and organizational designs. Empowering every kind of human talent to drive innovation, thereby creating lasting new business solutions and differentiation.

Market and Society

Leading contemporary transformation of traditional industries in both thought and action. Envisioning the future of local and global markets. Developing and implementing innovative, responsible and positive solutions to pressing social problems.

Lectures by Industry Experts

Every Berlin School learning experience gives you a singular opportunity to interact with leaders who are shaping their creative fields. Both top creatives and academic experts contribute to a unique and innovative learning experience that resonates with participants.
United States

Charles Day 
Todd Cullen
Warren Marenco Chase
Kitty Lun
Steven Chang
James Roy
Senta Slingerland
Keith Reinhard
Saneel Radia
Jennifer Lindstrom
Craig Markus
Sebastian Turner
Felix Oldenburg
Marc Striegel
David Lyle
Matthias Puschmann
Wil Harris
Kyle MacDonald
Kevin Brady

Lunch Talks
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Tham Khai
United States

Ivan Stankovic
Christer Windelov-Lidzelius
Michael Keller
Michael Ben-David
Kaya Qin
Professor Klaus Klemp
Chuck Porter
Jimmy Mayman
Gustavo Martinez
Harry Pearce
Sebastian Turner
Tom Doctoroff
Sancho Perez
Andreas Dannenberg
Richard Sheridan
Alex Pallete
Amir Kassaei
Pablos Holman
Dave Trott
Christian Tiedeman
Kitty Lun
Tony Cohen
Mick Buckley
Sabine Christiansen

Master Classes
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United States

Sandra Matz
Tim Leberecht
Alexa Clay
Clive Wilkinson
David Droga
Chuck Porter
Bob Pittman
Andrew Oldham
Maurice Levy
Paul Jackson
Peter Brabeck Letmathe
Thomas Burrell
Washington Olivetto
Marcello Serpa
Ralf Schmerberg
Miha Pogacnic
Jeff Steinhour
Masayoshi Tsuchiya
Jörg Schönbohm
Sir John Hegarty
Seymour Stein
Joachim Sauter
Joao Daniel Tikhomiroff
Toni Segarra
Filip Nilsson
John Hunt
Jeff Jarvis
Claudia Langer
Kitty Lun
Dr. Rainer Esser
Sir Martin Sorrell
Alan Boyd
Cindy Gallop
Dr. Mathias Döpfner
Hartmut Ostrowski
Markus & Daniel Freitag

President’s Lectures
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Leadership Talks

The Berlin School stands for superior leadership education. The interdisciplinary approach brings creative executives from advertising, media, entertainment, communication technologies, design, marketing and other businesses into a global classroom.