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Cannes Creative Leaders Programme

A Strategic Educational Framework to Boost Your Team’s Creativity

December 13, 2018
Strategic-Educational-Framework-to Boost-Your-Teams-Creativity

A Strategic Educational Framework to Boost Your Team’s Creativity

Cannes Lions is the world’s most renowned International Festival of Creativity. But it’s more than an excuse for celebration. It’s a chance for creative professionals to find out what’s driving their industries, to set new standards, and to unpack the challenges creative businesses are facing around the world. To extract the best value from your festival investment requires a strategic, goal-oriented framework. Since 2010, the Cannes Creative Leaders Programme (CCLP) has nurtured a unique, strategic learning environment to the eclectic backdrop of Cannes Lions, enabling participants to turn every festival moment into an opportunity to strengthen their skillsets and build creative solutions for their business’ future.


A Chance to Connect the Dots

The CCLP gives participants the framework to connect their festival insights to real business challenges and questions. Cannes Lions already offers a wealth of insight and ideas from the spotlight of the stage. The CCLP breaks down this fourth wall, with access to a vibrant classroom of creative minds, opportunities for personal instruction, and closed-door sessions with award-winning experts from the Cannes Lions stage, allowing participants to truly connect these insights back to real business goals.


Four Days of Classroom Learning

To create a framework of learning and to give your team the chance to truly dissect their challenges and goals before the celebrations ensue, the CCLP begins with four days of vibrant classroom learning, prior to the festival itself. Led by our faculty of industry and academic experts, participants practice robust tools and techniques, dive deep into case studies as well as their own current business challenges, and simulate effective problem-solving to discover the root causes of business issues. This not only gives them a strategic framework to work from in class, but puts participants in a goal-oriented mindset to seek out new solutions, insights, and inspiration, throughout the whole of Cannes Lions event.


Exclusive Closed-Door Sessions Throughout the Festival

Participants receive a full-week Cannes Lions delegate pass as part of the CCLP. But when the festival begins, the learning certainly doesn’t end. With exclusively curated closed-door sessions with industry experts, participants not only have the chance to see great work exhibited on stage, but can learn and ask questions from award-winning experts. Having especially booked speakers in a private set allows CCLP participants to reflect on how to push their industries to the next level.


Fast-Track Pass + VIP Access

Replace bustling queues with bubbling champagne. Between screenings, galas, and masterclasses, a week at Cannes Lions can fly by quickly. Your team can make the most of every minute with special fast-track access at all festival award shows. And with complimentary Cannes lunch and VIP access to the Cannes Lion Opening and Closing Galas, CCLP participants get an exclusive, up-close experience of the creative festivities.


A Global Community of Creativity and Learning

Entering a Berlin School classroom is a gateway to lifelong learning. Our faculty of academic and industry experts bring with them a wealth of experience and generous insights. This history of knowledge is not only rooted in business foundation but actively evolves to respond to the fast-paced challenges facing businesses world-wide. In our diverse classroom, participants also ignite and absorb insights from their fellow classmates, testing ideas and learning from their shared and contrasting perspectives. Perhaps most importantly, they become part of a growing global community shared by over 500 Berlin School alumni, participants, and partners – a shared wealth of creative knowledge open to collaboration and dedicated to continuous learning.

The Cannes Creative Leaders Programme is arguably one of the best ways for creative professionals and teams to get the best return on their festival investment. Between discussion, demonstrations, and dining al fresco, Cannes Lions is already a wealth of insight and excitement. But with a strategic educational framework, it becomes a chance to develop effective skillsets to thrive in their industries, lead their organizations, and build life-long connections in a global community of creative business leaders.


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