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Cannes Creative Leaders Programme

Re-Imagining The Cannes Creative Leaders Programme

February 22, 2018
The Cannes Creative Leaders Programme 2018

They say the only thing that is constant is change. In the case of creative business leadership, this is certainly the case – with the impact of advancing technology and globalization, and the breakdown of barriers between how organizations work together. As we enter the eighth year of the Cannes Creative Leaders Programme, we have redesigned our learning offering to compete with these transformations and create a renewed, value-led experience for all.

Focussing on Value, Partnerships, and New Roadmaps to Success

For 2018, the CCLP has evolved to address the vital question of client-value. In light of this ongoing cross-industry evolution, it has never been more important to take a step back and evaluate how we create and capture long-term value. Our redesigned programme examines how innovative client-relationships can drive new sources of value for all stakeholders. The outcome will be to generate bespoke, tangible roadmaps that can be put to work the moment you return to business. Participants will examine proven leadership and strategic approaches to building more productive relationships, as well as tools and techniques for greater business agility, more effective decision-making, and long-term strategies for creating and capturing value.

A Change of Time and Place

Regular Cannes Lions visitors will know that this year, the Festival itself has been reworked to offer a shorter, sharper experience across fewer days. Likewise, the CCLP has been optimized to be a more focussed experience, beginning with four days of practically-oriented learnings sessions before the festival commences. Our refurbished programme takes place entirely in Cannes, placing you right at the heart of the Festival before it’s even begun. With fewer transfers, travel arrangements, and changes in accommodation, the new structure offers you a more streamlined, focussed experience while soaking up the electric atmosphere that is Cannes during the Festival-season.

Greater Festival Freedom

A trip to Cannes Lions is the spark that makes creative potential catch fire. We’ve redesigned our programme to offer a more streamlined approach not only to your classroom learning but your wider festival engagements. As always, our exclusive CCLP line-up will feature some of the world’s most remarkable creative business leaders, offering you a chance to propose ideas and ask poignant questions in an interactive and intimate environment. However, we’re minimizing any potential overlap with other Cannes activities, by scheduling two closed-door sessions per day throughout the festival period, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. With more chances to relax and regroup between sessions, and to test your learnings in the field, your CCLP engagements will be more energised, focused, and valuable.

Collaborative Classroom: Bring Along Your Clients

Occasionally at Cannes, we’ve had the privilege to be joined not only by industry leaders but also by their clients, which has led to fascinating insights into the how each party defines the delivery of value. We believe this kind of collaborative relationship is key to driving value in the future of creative business. If you are joining the CCLP this year, we whole-heartedly encourage you to invite along your clients along with you, to work together using provocative tools for developing strategy, to bring case studies to life from a broader perspective, and to explore new ways to create and capture long-term value.

While the framework has changed, the purpose of the CCLP remains deeply rooted. Our goal has always been to offer a deep-dive into the distinctive Berlin School approach – that which we apply across all of our EMBA and Executive Education offerings – and to enable creative leaders to the best work for their teams, clients, organizations, and industries, particularly in this era of perpetual transformation. When leaders and organizations not only embrace this change, but harness it, they can achieve great things.

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This year, we are also offering an exclusive bursary covering the full cost of the programme. The offer is open to individuals from countries who have not yet won a Gold Cannes Lion. The full bursary details and list of eligible countries are featured on the programme page above.