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Match Made in Heaven: How Christiane zu Salm Marries Business & Art

August 16, 2016

Enigmatic German creative leader, author, art collector and entrepreneur Christiane zu Salm is about to launch a venture that combines her passions for business, innovation and of course, art. The project, THE ARTS+ is an ambitious undertaking that will culminate in a trade fair and conference running in parallel to the Frankfurt Book Fair who initiated the partnership.

The Berlin School of Creative Leadership was able to talk with Christiane about this exciting new venture, her passion for art and some of the philosophies that guide her as a creative leader.

What do you hope to achieve with the Arts + fair and conference?

The fundamental changes, which the digital revolution has already caused in the global music and publishing industry, are already beginning to impact the world of art and culture.

Progress moves fast and now there are even more possibilities with Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and 3D printing. What do these technologies really mean? What do they mean for the creation of art… for design and architecture? Are artistic intuition and the painter’s brush being forgotten in favor of computers?

THE ARTS+ will be the first international fair and conference to give a space to questions about the future of art and culture in the digital age.

How has art influenced your life and your work?

More than anything, art is a source of inspiration for me. Good art inspires me to ask new questions. 

About Change is the name of your collection of historical and contemporarym collage at the Berlinische Gallerie. What about collage speaks to you as a medium?

About Change is the theme that shapes my professional style. This applies to my art collection as much as to innovative media projects. We live in times in which changes have never been faster and never more dramatic. As a society we cannot stop change, so we should find the means to shape the future in the best possible way.

This theme is what keeps me going. The genre of collage reaches across all disciplines– music, design, architecture, literature, fashion and film. They all can make a great contribution.  At the intersection of these single elements something new evolves. Collage has the potential to alter our perception. 

Speaking of collage, you’ve had many roles throughout your career from CEO of MTV to end-of-life caregiver to bestselling author, which held the most significance for you?

I give myself the freedom to pursue different interests in different phases of my life. When I like a project or a venture, or if a topic fascinates me and I have the feeling it has relevance and can lead to significant developments then I put my time and energy into it. I go for it. I don't care whether that fits into a linear CV or not.

As a professional woman who has held many leadership positions, what factor contributed the most to your success?

Constant intellectual curiosity and the willingness to learn. 


About Christiane zu Salm:

Christiane zu Salm is a distinguished leader with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and vision in the field of media & publishing that made her a pioneer in the advancement of public broadcasting. As a bestselling author, art collector and philanthropist, she has expressed her personality, curiosity and commitment to all sorts of societal challenges in the (post-)digital age.

To learn more about Christiane’s life and work, please visit:

About THE ARTS+:

THE ARTS+ is an innovative new trade fair and conference for new value chains in cultural and creative businesses. In partnership with the Frankfurt Book Fair, the world’s largest trading place for content, which attracts 270,000 visitors, 7,000 right dealers and 10,000 journalists from 110 countries, THE ARTS+ will span over 2.000 m² of curated exhibition space and will take place from the 19th –23rd of October, 2016.

Event highlights include a prestigious conference on October 19th with top-notch speakers including bestselling-author of What Would Google Do? and web-futurist Jeff Jarvis, Deutsche Bank’s CDO Edward Budd, JWT Amsterdam’s CDO Bas Korsten, Karajan Institute’s Matthias Röder or famous architects Carlo Ratti (MIT) and Jürgen H. Mayer (XXX Times Square). 

The Berlin School of Creative Leadership is a proud partner of this innovative event that will unite many facets of the creative industries under one roof while creating cross-disciplinary discussion and idea exchange.